Why Use Self-Storage?

Finding enough space for all your personal belongings in a tight apartment, townhome, or house in Chicago can be tricky—if not impossible. Sure, decluttering and getting rid of items may seem like a quick fix. But what about seasonal décor or clothing you use every year? Or those sentimental items that you’d never let go? For these situations and a number of other scenarios, using self-storage is a great solution.

Top reasons why you should use self-storage in Chicago:

You’ve run out of closet space.

Use self-storage for your wardrobe to store shoe collections, seasonal clothing, or extra clothing items while retaining easy access. Seasonal clothing storage lets you rotate heavy winter clothing for summer outfits, right when you need them. If your closet is overrun with sentimental items rather than clothing, self-storage can keep your personal belongings safe while decluttering your space.

You’re in a temporary living arrangement.

Temporary living situation storage can include anything from storing a few crates of dorm room furnishings to furniture and entire wardrobes while you’re in short-term accommodations. If you’re in a season of constant transit, keeping your belongings in a safe location in Chicago could save you from impractically bringing everything with you.

You’re undergoing home renovations or moving to a new residence.

If you’re transitioning to a new home, downsizing, or consolidating belongings from more than one home, storing your belongings and furniture in one spot can take some of the stress off your move. It will also give you more time to go through things without overrunning your home with boxes upon boxes. Any transition or change in housing can be overwhelming, so give yourself the time you need by extending your space through self-storage.

Seasonal décor is taking up valuable closet space.

The reason why you should use self-storage may be holiday- or season-related. Self-storage allows you to clear out seasonal items that are taking up valuable closet or shelf space. For holiday décor that only comes out for a few weeks or months out of the year—such as Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas—clear your holiday cheer off your shelves and store it in one location.

Store at Blue Crates

Imagine the endless advantages self-storage could provide for your home in Chicago. With Blue Crates, store as little or as much as you need in the time frame in which you need it. We offer various storage crate options perfect for any scenario you might be in. If you have any questions on what self-storage options are right for you, let us know. We’d be happy to provide you with answers or recommendations.