Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works

What is a Blue Crates Student Vault Membership?

It's a discounted storage package for university and college students.

What else is included in my Blue Crates Student Vault Membership?

  • 4 months of storage for up to 7 items (see Item Restrictions and Large Item Storage for all exceptions)
  • Roundtrip delivery package included
  • 4 Complimentary Storage Bags
  • Digital Inventory Management
  • Discounted long-term storage options
  • Discounted Bulk Delivery as part of any extended storage period
  • Additional items can be stored by purchasing add-on packages during signup or through your Blue Crates account.

How do I sign up?

Simple; visit your campus’s Blue Crates website, sign up for the Student Vault and let us know how many items you’d like to store.

Pricing and Payment

How much does Blue Crates Membership cost?

For 2023, prices start at $400 for the year (12 months from signup).

What if I can’t afford the membership?

Don’t worry, we offer installment payments.

How much does it cost to store more than seven items?

Each item cost $60 for the summer term.

How much does it cost to store large items?

If you are looking to store large items or items that fall outside of our approved list, please reach out via email to get a quote.

For more pricing guidelines and information please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Service Details

Pickup and Delivery

How do I make sure all my stuff will be picked up?

You will need to make sure all of your items have a label on them and that everything is in the middle of your room. For accountability purposes, we require that students upload a photo of their staged items to their Blue Crates account, please refer to the Terms and Conditions for full details on Staging Documentation.

When will my stuff be picked up?

Each campus and school is different, but don’t worry; we’ll provide you with plenty of notice via email.

When will I get my stuff returned?

Each campus and school is different, but don’t worry; we’ll provide you with plenty of notice via email.

What if I want my stuff earlier?

No problem. Reach out and we’ll arrange for a custom delivery. Email or chat is often the quickest way to connect.

What if I’m moving, or live off campus?

No problem, you can still store in a Student Vault; however, pick-up and delivery will be an additional charge.

Item Verification

What is Item Verification?

Prior to campus pickup, Blue Crates will verify the number of items you are storing with us via on campus item verification days. During this time you will also pick up your labels and bags.

When and where will item verification take place?

Typically two weeks prior to campus wide pickup. Item verification will be at centralized locations on campus.

What if I cannot make an item verification day?

You MUST attend an item verification date to confirm your storage count with Blue Crates and receive your Blue Crates provided labels. Failure to do so will result in your items not being picked up.

Not to worry we will be on campus all day for several days to ensure everyone is able to attend.

What if my item count changes between the verification day and the time of pickup?

You may NOT make any changes to your intended storage item count after you have verified your items during the verification date. Any items present in your room that have not already been verified and labeled with a Blue Crates provided label will be left behind.


What kinds of things am I allowed to store?

You can store any item on the approved list, for example bags, boxes, storage totes, or luggage.

Do things have to be in a box or bag?

Everything must be inside a box, Blue Crates bag, or approved container, otherwise it will be left behind unless it’s part of a custom order. Click here for a list of approved items and containers.

Will I be notified if something is left behind?

Yes, we will attempt to reach out by email to let you know about what we didn’t take and why. Items are left at the discretion of Blue Crates and its partners.

Are there any individual items that I’m not allowed to store?

Great question! Yes, there are items that are prohibited. Please check out our Prohibited Items list below and in our Terms and Conditions. For the protection and safety of your stuff and or staff, hefty fines accompany each violation.

What if my stuff weighs a lot?

We have a max weight limit of 50 pounds per stored item. Anything over that will incur a fine.

What if my stuff weighs more than 50 pounds?

If you have something that weighs more than that, or if you have something that’s not on the approved list, please contact us. We store most things and we’re happy to discuss your options for storage.

What if I want to store something that’s not on the approved list?

We’re happy to store almost anything. Call us for a custom quote.

Do you store mattress toppers?

For sanitary reasons, mattress toppers must be stored in an approved container. We will not take mattress toppers that are improperly packed (i.e. not in an approved container).


How do I label my stuff? (Link to Explainer Video)

Blue Crates will provide you with labels for all of your registered items. You will ONLY receive a Blue Crates approved label for items registered in your account. Labels will be distributed during on campus item registration dates, (Label PIck-up Day) prior to pickup.

You MUST use Blue Crates labels for all of your approved belongings. Blue Crates will not accept items that are not properly labeled with a Blue Crates provided label.

What if I want to store more items than I signed up for initially?

Not a problem. We’ll have extra labels for you on “label pick-up” day. We will not take any items that do not have Blue Crates provided labels.

How will I get my labels?

Labels will be distributed to students during a label pick-up day. Students are expected to pick up their labels at a Blue Crates staffed location.

When is label pick-up day?

Each campus and school is different, but don’t worry; we’ll provide you with plenty of notice via email.

What happens if I don’t pick up my labels during a label pick-up day?

Students who do not pick up their labels during a label pick-up day will not be able to store with Blue Crates and will not receive a refund for their storage package.


How do I receive my Complimentary Bags?

Every Student storage package includes four complimentary storage bags. You will get your bags by picking them up during the designated ore-registration times on campus prior to pickup. Don’t worry you will have several weeks to pack.

Can I purchase additional bags?

Your package includes four complimentary storage bags, but you may purchase additional bags during your campus's designated label and bag pick-up dates prior to campus pickup.

How much do extra bags cost?

You may purchase additional packs of four storage bags for $25.

Mattress Toppers

How do I store my mattress topper?

If you are storing your mattress topper, you must have it packed in an approved container. Mattress toppers left unpacked or in bags, will not be taken for storage.

When will my mattress topper be delivered?

Mattress toppers will be delivered to the residence hall that you are assigned to before the Fall term. It will be going through traditional mail services, so you will need to pick it up from your mail room.

Term-to-Term Storage (Outside of Summer Term)

Can I store stuff with Blue Crates after the start of Fall semester?

Absolutely! Reach out and we’ll set you up with long-term storage. Email or chat is often the quickest way to connect.

Does Blue Crates do storage for students taking a term away from campus?

Of course! If you are storing your things for the summer and already have plans to be abroad, be sure to check off during sign-up that you will be away from campus in the Fall. Otherwise, reach out to us at any time before the Fall term starts to let us know your plans have changed.

We also offer term storage independent of Summer storage. Please reach out to a Blue Crates representative by email or chat to set up your storage package.

Prohibited Items

Blue Crates has a list of approved storage containers and prohibited items. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for full details about containers, prohibited items, and items not eligible for Blue Crates compensation.

Prohibited Storage Containers:

Anything not on the approved list; seriously it will be left in your room.

Approved containers:

Blue Crates provided bags, but students can use a variety of totes with secured lids and boxes of various sizes. All containers must weigh 50 pounds or less and should be able to be carried by one person up and down stairs.

Prohibited items within your closed and sealed container:

  • Nothing fragile
  • No liquids, gels, arousals
  • No food
  • No pets
  • No plants
  • Nothing perishable
  • No rugs
  • Valuables (Including cash, credit/debit cards)
  • Anything deemed a safety hazard by one of our team members

Shipping to and From Blue Crates

Can I have my items shipped to or from Blue Crates? Yes you may ship your things to or from a Blue Crates facility provided you have a valid Blue Crates Student Vault™ membership. Additional fees apply. See Terms and Conditions for more information.


What if something happens to my stuff? Is it insured?

Basic insurance is provided to all customers. Click here for additional details.

What if I want additional coverage?

We have compelling options for that too. And it lasts the entire year! Click here for additional details.


How do I get a hold of someone if I have a question that’s not on this list?

Reach out and someone will get in touch with you. Email or chat is often the quickest way to connect.