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Store as little or as much as you need, Blue Crates is the perfect storage solution for all your space needs.
worksicon1 We Drop Off.
1 We deliver our crates and wardrobes directly to your door
worksicon2 You Pack.
2 Pack at your own pace
worksicon3 We Pick Up.
3 When you're ready, we'll pick up your things and store them in our climate controlled facility
Free Delivery.   Free Pickup.
If you need a little space, or a lot of space, we've got the solution
Closet Extender
Closet Extender
  • 2 Crates
  • 2 Wardrobes
$51 / month
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Utility Package
Utility Package
  • 3 Crates
  • 3 Oversized
$60 / month
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Lifestyle Package
Lifestyle Package
  • 3 Crates
  • 2 Wardrobes
  • 2 Oversized
$81 / month
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Got stuff that won’t fit in a crate or wardrobe?
No worries! We’ll store a variety of over-sized items like your golf clubs, bike, stroller, and more!
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Do Storage Right.
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Great For:
  • Extending your closet
  • Organizing your home
  • Swapping out your seasonal wardrobe
  • Managing your shoe collection
  • Staging your home
  • Storing your holiday decorations
  • Giving your spouse some closet space
  • Decluttering your space
  • Student summer storage
The Power of the Swap
with the power of the swap your closet has no limits. use blue crates for seasonal items and recall them when needed.
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Our Cataloging System Makes Organization Easy
Take pics and label everything in your crates or wardrobes.
Refer back when you're ready to recall or swap any of your crates.

The ultimate convenience at the touch of a button
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The Power of the Swap
with the power of the swap your closet has no limits. use blue crates for seasonal items and recall them when needed.
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Take It From These Guys
We’re proud of our services, and we’re really excited when we get feedback from our users. See what’s in their crate:
Blue Crates is amazing! Super friendly and immediate service, super responsive to emails and any questions/concerns are addressed very promptly! I moved from California to Chicago two months ago and have lived between three separate Airbnbs. I store half my stuff in Blue Crates. I have the guys from Blue Crates bring back some of my stuff for a swap once a month so I still have everything I need at any point in time!
Lily W.
The cost for each bin is cheaper than a cocktail, and it helps me stay totally organized with their digital catalog and free swaps. Honestly you guys, this is the way to go if you need storage. I just makes so much sense. No hauling, no driving, no dimly-lit storage units, and you have easy access to your stuff (and an awesome digital catalog) when you need it.
T M.
Great idea! Always recommend to my apartment residents!
Julia R.
Exceptional service. Changes the way I live in the city
Daniel L.
We had such a great experience that we are using it again!
Morgan C.
Great Idea and Solution for a lifer Urban Dweller...highly recommend. The delivery and pickup was awesome. I also encouraged my building's manager to add Blue Crates as an amenity for the entire building.
Bill W.
If you live inside the city and have limited closet space, I cannot recommend this service enough. They arrived exactly on time, waited for me to pack, and even took the time to make sure i knew how to get my stuff back if i need it...
Kelly K.
What makes Blue Crates so great?
These great features.
Keep Tabs
Our cataloging system takes your organization to the next level. Snap a pic of exactly what’s in your crate.
Safe + Secure
Our climate-controlled facilities are under constant surveillance to protect your goods.
Less Waste
Our eco-friendly crates and wardrobes mean you never have to use cardboard again.
Save Money
What’s more important than saving time and space. Yup, we’re here for less than the cost of Netflix.