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3 Businesses That Need On-Demand Storage Right Now

October 30, 2019

3 Businesses That Need On-Demand Storage Right Now

Are you running out of space for day to day operations? 

Maybe you need more room to store items for the long-term?

But you don’t have time to store, pick-up, drop-off, and deliver the items when you need them?

On-demand storage can be the solution you never knew you needed (until now). 

Here are five business examples that would immediately benefit from using on-demand storage.

Legal & Medical Professionals 

If you’re a local or starting clinic or practice, you may not have much space to store documents. Legal and medical professionals still need to maintain paper copies for legal reasons. On-demand storage is a great solution for document storage. Having a plethora of file cabinets can take up space in your budding business relatively quickly. Not to mention the lack of security, the chance of humidity damage to documents, and the clutter of space that creates an issue down the road. Blue Crates’ warehouse is climate controlled and has 24/7 security. We can pick-up and drop-off files as you need them simply by scheduling times at the touch of a button. We do all the leg work while you continue to put in the work growing your business.

Sales Reps 

Lugging around samples and promotional materials? These items can easily take over your garage, home, car, and office space in a hurry. Stay organized by having excess sales items in storage in between clients, trade shows, and sales cycles. Time is money so spend less time doing the grunt work and more time focusing on the next sell. 

Growing Retail & Small Businesses

You what every business wants to do? Grow. 

You know what most businesses aren’t prepared for? Growth.

If you are a business that is outgrowing your inventory storage available in the backroom because of growth, instead of automatically leasing a bigger space, store extra inventory using on-demand storage. Independent creators and makers of goods oftentimes struggle to secure space to store their inventory until orders are placed. Having the capability to send excess goods or retrieve storage from a secure location and have it delivered to you when you need it.

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