Blue Crates Storage

The Evolution of Self Storage

August 23, 2021

Every one loves having some extra space, but not everyone loves the hassle and inconvenience that comes along with traditional self-storage options. Finding transportation for the storage, the fear and likelihood of pests, and sifting through everything just to find the items that you need are only the most common inconvenient aspects of self-storage. 

As a result, some self-storage facilities are innovating within the storage space to bring their customers a more service-oriented approach. Blue Crates, a pioneer of the on-demand storage revolution has done just that by launching their Vault program. 

Introducing The Vault™, an allocated space storage unit option starting in size from 5’x5’ at just $50/month.  

There is no item too big or small for a Vault™, as they are designed to include larger items, such as the storage of furniture, sporting goods, seasonal items, or whatever you prefer. Not only does Blue Crates store member’s items, but each storage account also comes with an online cataloging system where items in storage can be viewed. With this option, storage members can recall only the items that they need when necessary. Blue Crates even offers to arrange pickup and delivery of storage for a fee!

The value doesn’t end there. One of the best features of The Vault™is that storage space can expand or decrease with ease. Decide you have more stuff to store? No problem, Blue Crates can either add it to the remaining allocated vault space or expand on an existing vault. Once things are stored or returned, storage members can simply log in to their online account to see how much space is currently being taken up in their vault(s). 

Like Blue Crate’s traditional services which oftentimes include the rental of their serialized crates and wardrobes, there is also the option to conveniently swap out storage items. Blue Crates will even deliver the needed storage and exchange for different items to be stored, right on the spot. 

Gone are the days of searching the internet for “Storage units near me.” With the Vault, Blue Crates brings your storage unit directly to you.

So what are you waiting for? Store the things you don’t always use now, or ditch that inconvenient traditional self-storage locker. Blue Crates will even come help empty it out by transporting your things to their facility and into your Vault™ for you.

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