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5 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Need On-Demand Storage

November 12, 2019

5 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Need On-Demand Storage

Let’s be honest, a beautiful smile isn’t enough to sell a home. With so much competition out there, real estate agents need every advantage they can get to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. One advantage you may not have considered is on-demand storage. The idea of renting storage just for the paraphernalia of your job may sound like a stretch, but when you really consider the ways and benefits storage can be used by realtors, it’s the perfect addition to your business!

Storage for Your Marketing Materials

Storing all of your marketing materials in your home or in your car? We can all agree that having clutter is never good. You don’t want to risk damaging marketing materials as they can be costly to replace. So instead, store your marketing materials like mailers, postcards, flyers, signs, for sale signs, lockboxes, brochures, and other such things in storage. 

But we know what you’re thinking, the reason you have it close vest is that it allows you to not have to go back and forth so much setting up and taking down. Well, that is where on-demand storage comes into play. The beautiful thing about it is you can have your marketing items picked up and stored on-site and scheduled to have delivered to the location you would like.

On-Demand Storage: Extension of Your Open House Team

Think about when you have an open house. An open house is all about selling interested buyers on the potential of a home. This may involve adding the “real estate agent’s touch” to the home with furniture and add-ons that compliment the style and persona you want to give off about your home. But having to move furniture, pictures, along with other items that go along with open houses, is very cumbersome and takes away time from doing what you do best: closing the deal. 

With on-demand storage, you can have these items scheduled to deliver to the home’s location. And then once the open house is over, have the team come back out, pick it back up, and pack it away again waiting for the next time you need it. You spend less time doing the grunt work and more time focusing on the next sell. So think of on-demand storage as an extension of your setup and takedown team.

Remove or Add Furniture & Home Decor for Home Showings

Sometimes when it comes to house showings, the current resident still has items that can devalue the home. If a home is too full of the current owner’s furniture, it can appear cramped rather than cozy or not the right look for the interested buyer.

As a real estate agent, having the ability to remove furniture temporarily from the home for interested buyers to look at the home in its purest form is a great advantage to have in your arsenal. And this advantage works both ways. Removing furniture and other items that don’t tie into the vision you want to present the home while adding home décor just for showings you have in storage at the same time can really help you close the deal. 

Storage During the Transition Period

Timing is everything in the real estate business. Often times either the buyer, the seller, the renter, or the landlord have to accommodate another party when it comes to transitioning. Having a partnership with an on-demand storage provider like Blue Crates can come very handy to make sure the entire transition runs smoothly.

Let’s say the buyer wants to move in earlier but the seller or renter needs a little more time to move their things out as their new location isn’t ready. On-demand storage can solve that problem relatively quickly. Let’s say notice of termination is given to the landlord before the sale of the property is finalized. Once again, you can refer an on-demand storage provider like Blue Crates to the seller during the transition period. This just takes your overall services you can offer to the next level. Having the ability to be there at every step of the way, just keeps the five-star reviews coming!

Storage for Your Important Files Off-Site

Something many don’t talk about: file storage for the real estate community. With 24/7 security monitoring and climate-controlled storage, it’s easy for real estate agents to protect important documents over the years (and keep them out of the way) storing with Blue Crates. It’s as simple as you determining which files are ready to be stored and contacting us to pick-up your files to store at our nearby facility with a climate-controlled unit (which protects paper from damage by humidity.) You can note which series of files is associated with one of our crates numbers for inventory purposes, and when you need them again, let us know and we’ll deliver them to you.

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