Making the Most of your University Dorm Room Space

September 27, 2021

University student? If so, you are likely still in the process of moving in, or perhaps you feel completely moved in at this point. Either way, it is likely that you are still figuring out how to gain more comfort and structure in the compact, shared space that you will call home for the whole school year.  

Organizing and creating space is Blue Crates' specialty. Check out these helpful tips to create a more organized and functional college dorm room. 

Multi-Function means multiplied space.

Furniture items that are compact and double as storage are a key component to creating space in a small living area. Popular multi-functional furniture items that oftentimes offer storage options are ottomans, benches, chests, hidden mirror cabinets, and lifting top furniture items such as desks or nightstands. These types of pieces add functionality to an otherwise simple, space-consuming piece of furniture while offering a place for things that might not otherwise have one. Double the function, double the newly found space!

Elevate your bed, elevate your living space.

Not only does it feel really rad to sit and sleep four feet off the ground, but elevating your dorm room bed creates a world of extra space and organization options. The underneath area can be used for storage, or if elevated high enough, a desk can be placed underneath to create a personal study cubicle. 

Traditionally done using the rather unsafe practice of cinder blocks, there are many modern-day products that make elevating a bed easy and safe. Before elevating your bed, Be sure to check with University housing and guidelines. Some Universities restrict bed-lofting while others have lofting equipment available for students to rent on campus.

Over the door everything. 

Utilize existing vertical space with things like over-the-door hooks, shoe caddies, and basket organizers. This method keeps stored items organized, de-cluttered, accessible, and typically also out of sight!

Get a pocket bed caddy for the perfect balance of organization and convenience.

For those nights when you are about to pass out while reading your tablet in bed and to avoid the clutter of things such as school supplies and devices, pocket bed caddy organizers are a lifesaver. Perfect for storing remotes, smartphones, tablets, pens, and eyeglasses; just to name a few, some even come with a place to securely store your water bottle. We agree with GistGear that the GINIMAX Dorm Room Essentials - Bedside Caddy is the best on the market, especially for college students.

Store rarely used and seasonal items with Blue Crates.

Blue Crates is an off-site, on-demand storage option for students year-round. A convenient and affordable luxury for dorm dwelling students, Blue Crates will always come to pick up your things and redeliver them to you whenever needed. Items such as last year’s textbooks, bicycles, and seasonal clothing need not clutter up any Chicago dorm room when Blue Crates storage options are just a click away! 

Organization and room to breathe are essential to any student’s success. Any combination of dorm room spacing solutions will make for a most prosperous school year. Blue Crates is here to support the Chicago college student population in any way that we can. Wishing all returning and new students all the best for the 2021-22 academic year.

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