Storage and Organization Tips For your Garage

October 26, 2018

Storage and Organization Tips For your Garage

We all know that the main purpose of a garage is to store your car, but for so many of us as families grow and life events such as a marriage or new addition to the family, many of us use our garages as a storage facility.

Here are a few tips and organizational tools that you can use to take back your parking spot in the garage.

Clean Up

First things first, the best thing to do in any type of organizing effort is to clean the space. We don’t mean scrub the floors and paint, what we mean is take stock of the things that you may have piled up in your garage and work to organize things. Some things you may find that you do not want to keep while others may need to find a new home. Depending on the climate and season it really isn’t a good idea to store certain items inside of a garage as temperature extremes can damage items such as clothing and memorabilia.

Sort Your Things

Sort items into piles of similar things. This will allow you to better distribute items to their new organized location. This is also a great opportunity to see what you have on hand that you want to keep and things that you may want to do away with.

Consider Organizational Options

There are several storage options out there that do a great job of helping you organize your garage. A wonderful and cost effective option is Elfa, a modular organizational tool found at your local Container Store. System like this can help you utilize wall space to hang items such as tools and equipment.

Look Up

Utilize all of your vertical space by using a system like Elfa or simple per board to hang items on the wall. Those things that you do not use al the time can be stored in a higher location allowing you to use the space at eye level and below for items you use on a regular basis.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

The ceiling of your garage is a great place to store things like a bike. Depending on placement they will be out of the way and still provide you with the ability to park you car underneath without compromising access either.

Store with Blue Crates

Use Blue Crates to organize your garage. Blue Crates industrial strength crates are a perfect solution to a cluttered garage. Take advantage of free delivery and pickups and an online catalog that allows you to see exactly what you have in storage at all times. Recall is as easy as the click of a button. If thins will not fit in a crate, not to worry, we take oversized items as well. Just ask. Blue Crates is the smart way to use self storage.

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