Compact Living with Blue Crates

April 01, 2021

Tiny homes are a worldwide trend, while studio apartments are typically the most affordable living option in Chicago. Blue Crates is the ideal solution to cater to the needs of all compact-living lifestyles.

For the individuals that choose to live in small spaces but have more than they can fit or organize on their own, Blue Crates offers an extension of closets, garages, and any size compact-living space. Providing an organized system of crates and wardrobes in addition to vault spaces and on-demand delivery of off-site storage, Blue Crates lends a solution to keeping the things that aren't always used. This storage option saves compact-space dwellers the inconvenience of having a disorganized storage unit that requires time, travel, and hassle upon storage retrieval. Blue Crates brings all the convenience and organization to our members by offering a convenient online cataloging system and the ability to choose only the things they need to be delivered when they need them.

Compact living doesn’t need to mean a complete downsize of one’s life, or needing to deprive oneself of simple joys such as an elaborate wardrobe, hobbyist collections, outdoor sporting goods, furniture, or holiday decorations. Blue Crates picks up, safely stores, and delivers it all.

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