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Holiday Decoration Storage

November 21, 2021

Holiday Decorations Storage Solutions 

The season for holiday decorations is here, which for many, means it's time to dig out this year's decorations, deck the halls, and trim those trees. It is a fun time, but as we all know it is filled with a lot of work rummaging through closets and basements to find all of the decorations that are cluttering up an area that could be better used in their home. For city dwellers, it can be difficult to decorate at all due to at-home storage restrictions, forcing some to opt-out completely from the tradition and others to decorate more mildly than they would like. 

Offering serialized crates to pack holiday-specific bins and affordable and expandable 5’x5’x7’ Vault™ storage spaces for one’s own containers, Blue Crates is the best way to store your holiday decorations throughout the year. The best part of all is Blue Crates delivered to and from your home when you need things. So gone are the days of rummaging for anything. Simply click on the items you would like delivered and they appear on your schedule.  

With Blue Crates Smart Inventory™ system and valet service, users can choose only what they need when they need it. Whether that be, halloween decoration, your Thanksgiving cornucopia, a Christmas tree, or your Festivus pole, Blue Crates is the answer. Users are also given the option to swap out their contents for the next holiday, all in one money and time-saving trip. Blue Crates gives the gift that keeps on giving, convenience all year long!

With Blue Crates’ affordable array of storage plans, all of which include a hassle-free valet delivery component, city dwellers and suburbanites alike can decorate to their heart’s desire without the stress of holiday clutter lingering year round. year-round storage. So this year, buy that huge artificial Christmas Tree, and the oversized lawn decorations that you have been holding out on all these years. Blue Crates has your back this and every holiday season to come!

Interested in giving the gift of on-demand storage? Contact Blue Crates to find out how.

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