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Meet Blue Crates: Carrie McCormick’s Insider Secret to Home Staging and the Key to Selling Your House Fast

November 12, 2020

One of the most common tips realtors give home sellers is to "declutter and depersonalize", a conversation that fills many sellers with dread. Preparing a house for sale was never easy; there was a lot to do and the process proved to be exhausting, both mentally and physically. Similarly, it was never easy to persuade sellers that it’s an effort worth their time, until now. 

Blue Creates smart storage - a Chicago company, and the real estate agents’ best-kept secret, rose to the challenge! With the Blue Crates Broker Program, sellers can easily declutter and organize their homes in preparation for listing, expediting the home sale process, and taking the hassle out of staging. The on-demand service app simplifies the entire selling and moving process bridging the gap between the two. It may be the easiest, most convenient storage solution ever! 

Recently Blue Crates were put to the test by Chicago’s most-rigorous duo: Chicago Realtor Association #1 agent for three years running Carrie McCormick of @properties, and Sarah Parisi, Chicago’s #1 professional organizer, NAPO member and the owner/founder of The Clutter Curator.

As part of the listing process, Carrie partnered with Sarah to prepare and stage a luxury family house in Chicago’s Lincoln Park ahead of a showing, including any home seller’s ultimate nemesis: the kids’ bedroom piled with toys and crafts. 

Here are their top home-staging tips:

  • Your buyers will open every door and their decisions are often subconscious
  • The focus is on depersonalizing the space and creating a home anyone can see themselves in, making it appeal to the widest array of buyers from all walks of life
  • An organized space will allow buyers to visualize a property as their own and focus on its positive attributes, rather than getting caught up in the clutter, décor, or personal tastes
  • Personal items weigh down the space and distract your potential buyers
  • Create space wherever you can - it will make the property seem larger, more appealing, and move-in ready
  • Cluttered and overstuffed closets are a red flag, giving an impression that a house is too small or lacking in storage space
  • Do it right, and you should have no problem selling your home quickly!

Here’s what they thought about Blue Crates: 

“Using Blue Crates I’m now able to get any home organized and on the market faster than my competition,” said Carrie McCormick.

“It makes it really easy for you to keep your home neat and empty as it’s needed for the showings, but also have access to your items when you need them,” said Sarah Parisi.

Indeed, the pre-listing tasks that prepare a home to achieve top dollar in the marketplace have never been easier. In addition to helping sellers reclaim their space, Blue Crates also streamlines the entire moving process. 

With Blue Crates sellers can easily pack and send their belongings to storage and have quick access to them with the click of a button. The interactive Smart Closet™ inventory system will help them organize and optimize their crates, swap contents if necessary, and deliver everything to the new address when needed, making it simple and convenient. 

“My clients expect the highest level of service and that starts well before we list a home and continues long after it’s been sold. Teaming up with Blue Crates adds a layer of service never before offered and it helps my clients transition to their new home with ease,” said McCormick.

Large Family House Prepping Process: Before & After







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