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How To Make Your Move Fun

July 03, 2018

How to Make your Move Fun

I know this seems like an impossible task. Sure let’s face it moving is not the most fun thing you can do with your time but it is that time of year that some of us are making a change in where we lay our heads. So while moving may not be as fun as taking in a ballgame at Wrigley it doesn’t have to be the worst day of the year. Below are a few tips to help bring a little fun to your next move.

1. Take time to Reflect

Moving is the perfect opportunity to do some reminiscing on the place you are leaving. Take time to remember all that took place inside those walls that made up your space. This is a great time for a family dinner or friendly gathering before your move. It will give you all some time to reflect and smile about all that has passed and an opportunity to build excitement for what is to come. Moving to a new place, even if down the block is the start of a new adventure full of surprises and new beginnings. Enjoy the prospects of the unknown and take solace in the fact that change is coming while you are in the process of packing for your move.

2. Leave the Chairs for Last

Packing all your things up in boxes and moving furniture is a trying affair, so make sure you don’t, “Paint yourself into a corner” and pack all of your seating. You will need a place to sit and take a break every once in a while. Having your chairs go on the truck last will ensure that you have a place to sit during the process and best of all when you arrive at your new place they will be the first things off the truck.

3. Start Thinking about Organization for your New Place Now

As you pack your things from your old place start thinking about where you will put things in your new space. This may be a bit of work but it will save you a headache down the road. It’s simple, just take stock on the things that you already have and if you use them or not. If the answer is no when you go to pack them think of what you will do with them. You can do one of three things. First, you can throw things not in use away that you feel nobody else wants. Secondly, you can donate items that you feel will be of use to others, but no longer provide any functionality to you. Thirdly, you can store things that you, won’t need all of the time, but would like to keep. Blue Crates storage is the perfect solution for storing away those types of items without having to worry about the hassles of self storage. Blue Crates will simply bring you as many crates as you need to store your things for as little as $10.00 a month. Yes, $10.00 a month for self storage!

4. Move the Smart Way

Be kind to Mother Nature and your time by using Blue Crates Moving Supply. Moving with cardboard boxes is taking a trip to Europe from the States on a steamship. Sure its nostalgic but it’s a pain. No cardboard. No tape. No hassle. Blue Crates replaces cardboard boxes with industrial strength crates and plastic wardrobe boxes for your move. Never lose sleep about visions of collapsed boxes and if you folded those flaps correctly. Check out Blue Crates Moving for more info here.

5. Rock a Great Playlist

Music has its way of making everything a bit better, the time go by a bit faster, and the task seem a bit less laborious. This is no different when moving. Crank up the tunes and get to work! 6. Food, Food, and More Pizza Food, like music tends to, Grease the gears” of productivity. Pile up the pizza boxes and enjoy without gilt all the extra cheese you can handle. Pizza is a quick grab and go bite that we all love. Best of all you don’t have to make it. It is delivery time! Moving isn’t the most fun, but following these simple steps will make it a lot more tolerable.

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