Removing Clutter From Your Love Life

February 01, 2022

Not to get too personal, but we know romantic partnerships are a lot of work. As the relationship evolves, new challenges are presented, most specifically when couples start living together. Although it might not seem as obvious a threat as it is, putting up with each other’s clutter in the home can become love's greatest battle. 

In honor of Valentine's Day approaching, we came up with some important tips on how to keep your love life more organized.

1. Communicate

Open communication is essential to the foundation of a healthy relationship, and there is no exception to this rule where there is a cluttered shared living space. Clutter can be in some instances of romantic relationships associated with passive-aggressiveness. Some people clutter as an act of passive-aggressiveness, while others get passive-aggressive about someone else’s clutter. No one wants to suggest to their partner how to live, yet the ones who hold back on their feelings about the state of cluttered living sacrifice their own happiness.

Opening up communication lines about clutter and solutions can help get everyone in the home get on the same page. Agree in these conversations to de-cluttering systems. If the issue isn’t resolved shortly after, recognize that change can be gradual and often requires the process of eliminating flawed solutions.  Attempt again to have another conversation about what more can be done to remedy the situation as a team. Supporting each other to make important changes can help strengthen a bond while shutting down about it only breeds resentment of the situation within oneself. 

2. Establish Universally Where Things Belong

Some forms of clutter can be attributed to items not having a specific home. In a domestic partnership, it can be common for one party to not know where something belongs or for the couple to have different places where they might consider to be home for various items. This can lead to things rarely finding their actual home, or constant confusion about where things are, which can result in conflict. By taking the time with your partner to go through commonly used items and devise a universal system of where they belong, it can aid in mutual mindfulness practice to keep the home tidy.

3. Make Organization a Weekly Tradition

Traditions are one of the greatest bond-strengthners, and who says two domesticated love birds can’t bond over organizing? Set aside a time every week to schedule a “Date-Day”, or “Date-Night”, but instead for organizing and cleaning as a team. If that doesn’t sound romantic or fun, just think of all the extra time, space, and freedom you will have for all that when your home is regularly organized. 

4. Consider Hiring Professional Resources 

Life gets in the way of everything, especially when a domestic romantic relationship is part of it. It is understandable that a home with two bonded people, not to mention pets and kids, can clutter with ease. The bonded pair barely have a moment to spend with one another, never mind keeping up with near-daily organization practices. Hiring a maid or a professional organizer can keep the pair focused on the things that are important to them, without letting the state of the home get out of control. Professional organizers often also have the abilities implement organization while teaching household members how to maintain it.

5. Treat Yourself and Your Loved One Both to Storage this Valentine's Day

Perhaps a couple just has too much stuff that they don't want to part with. While flowers and chocolates are a temporary joy, valet on-demand storage is forever. This Valentines Day, couples who are overwhelmed by clutter can treat themselves and their partner to Blue Crates storage services (in addition to the flowers and chocolates, of course!) with a  special February order.
Blue Crates valet storage options are the gift that keeps on giving by offering a seamless process to storing clutter and retrieving the items that make life more exciting, on-demand. Romantic domestic partnerships will thrive when beloved ones are surprised with crates to pack, or their very own off-site storage Vault™, designed for personal and larger belongings. Blue Crates saves time and stress with their on-demand, valet-style services, and delivery.
Blue Crates wants to help create more happiness in homes and relationships with an exclusive offer. Vault™ orders placed in February can use promotional code VDAY1FREE to receive one free month of Vault™ storage.  

Although no relationship is perfect, the ones that surround themselves with a regularly organized, spacious home, regardless of size are likely to have a one-up on those who don't. By making both gradual and drastic healthy changes, a greater sense of peace and space can be achieved within a partnership that might otherwise feel cluttered by stuff. 

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