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On-Demand Storage: The Missing Piece to Entrepreneurs’ Success

October 21, 2019

On-Demand Storage: The Missing Piece to Entrepreneurs’ Success

The DIY (Do It Yourself) mentality has grown by leaps and bounds. Being an entrepreneur is not just a buzzword anymore, it is a full-blown mentality and lifestyle.

With more power in the palm of our hands than ever before with modern smartphones, people are jumping full steam ahead into entrepreneurship than ever before. Technology has changed the game completely. Everyone is looking for “hacks” and “tips” on how they can manage more of their processes and workflows and make more money with their business in the process.

We believe an undervalued and missed opportunity to help entrepreneurs, specifically small businesses, grow to scale is how they manage their storage. Yes, you read that right, optimizing your storage management can be a gamechanger in the growth of your business. 

More Space

Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind with utilizing outside storage is that you now have more space in your business or home office to use for other capacities. Studies show that having less clutter can provide more clarity, inspire more creative juices, and increase productivity: all things that every business owner desires! 

More space allows you the ability to:

  • put in more cubicles or offices for full time and part-time staff
  • order more product or supplies since you have a backup supply at a storage facility
  • literally have more space to think and plot how to take your business to the next level
  • Create a better atmosphere for employees and those who live with you if you’re a home office allowing for better synergy and an overall better environment that can be conducive to better business

More Time

Now that we have explained how third-party storage can help you in your business, let’s take it another step further with on-demand storage. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and side hustlers all know, time is money. It can be very cumbersome to order a truck rental, buy packing material, pack all items into it, drive it to a public storage facility, buy a unit, unload everything into the unit, return the utility truck, and if you’re nice, compensate those who helped with a nice lunch or dinner. By the time you are done, you just spend your whole day moving items, products, furniture, tools, etc. into storage where you may have to do this quite frequently whether weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and so on. So yes you have more space but at what cost to obtain that space? On top of that units aren’t cheap, you have to travel back and forth or have another employee or partner doing it for you, and to make matters worse, in most cases, you won’t even utilize all of the space you are paying for. We know what you’re wondering, after all of that, how is storage the missing piece for my success? This is where Blue Crates’ on-demand storage model comes in!

Our on-demand storage takes the headache that comes with public/self-storage. We provide very strong, sturdy, and eco-friendly crates to your business, as many as you may need. Once you have everything packed. All you have to do is make a call or schedule a time on your phone and our team will be en route to pick up all of your items and deliver them to our warehouse. Everything is catalog by number with pictures taken in each crate so you know exactly where all your inventory is in each crate. Our warehouse is temperature-controlled and under 24/7 surveillance. And when you need some of your items back, we are just a call or a push of a button away. Our team will come back out and give you the items you need or even exchange items you may now need to add to storage. This is giving you back your time to do more important things involving your business. We want to empower entrepreneurs as our founders understand all too well the benefit of working smarter, not harder!

More Money

Now that we have covered how on-demand storage gives you more space and more time, believe it or not, it also contributes to entrepreneurs potentially getting more money. Now no, Blue Crates does not pay our users money to use us, unfortunately. However, with a business model where you only pay for the space you actually use when you need it versus a unit where you’re literally paying for air each month, our customers and partners save money. And when you add in our added value and differentiator as a public storage provider being our on-demand storage component, you’re spending not only less time but fewer dollars packing, traveling, and storing your items. Money saved is more money invested back into the business! 

But it’s not just about how easy and cost-effective we make your storage experience, it’s about how the combination of more space + more time + more money saved can contribute to more money earned as a growing business. You can have us scheduled to come out at specific times every month to service you as your extended on-demand inventory. The money and employee time you would be using to move your times to and from a facility can be used back into your business, more calls with potential customers, more time to attend events to network and increase your brand recognition, more money to spend on ads since you’re saving money on storage only buying the space that you need and nothing more. And the great thing about our model is as your business grows, using Blue Crates as the facilitator for your storage grows with you! No matter what, you’re still only spending money on the actual space you use. Using our eco-friendly crates that we provide to you allows you to spend less money on storing material that may not last longer than one rotation. And if you want to store things like clothes (whether more employee shirts or products you sell) we have wardrobe containers. And if you have bigger, more cumbersome items like furniture, we can handle that as well. To go one step further, let’s say you move to another facility because your business is booming or maybe open up another location, you don’t have to move items in storage to a closer location. Because we pick-up and deliver when you request, it alleviates some of the things you have to think about as you scale up!

Most people don’t see storage and the process of storage as a game-changer. But our team at Blue Crates sees it as the missing piece to many entrepreneurs all over! We want our on-demand services to serve as an extension to your business! And we are here to prove that storage = more space + more time + more money!

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