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Seasonal Wardrobe Storage

July 16, 2018

Your Seasonal Wardrobe and Blue Crates

We get it! Living in the city is great. As a Chicagoan, we are afforded the luxury of a great city with plenty of things to keep us occupied year-round, whether that be taking in a ballgame at The Cell or the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field, a world-class bite to eat at one of our many restaurants, or a relaxing stroll along the lakefront. Chicago has it all. With all this, at our front door, it makes sense that so many people call this city home.

Of course, living in the city has pitfalls as well. One of those major issues is closet space. So how do we cope? Well, until now we had two options. We could purge our wardrobe every season or we could simply shove clothes in every nook and cranny that we can.

Well Chicago, you are in luck! Blue Crates is a much better solution to this common problem. Seasonal wardrobe storage with Blue Crates is a simple and cost-effective way to hold onto your wardrobe and still have the space to enjoy your city life.

We all know that Chicago has its seasons and there is one in particular that every Chicagoan is always prepared for. We all have our winter gear, but that does not mean that those bulky, down stuffed, gortexed fabric items need to occupy your closets any longer than they need to. Chicago winters’ aren’t Chicago’s finest hour so why does our winter wear take center stage in our closets all year round?

Let Blue Crates handle your seasonal wardrobe storage. Blue Crates will stop by, drop off crates and wardrobes for you to pack, and then pick up your things and store them for you. When you would like your winter wear back we will bring it to you.

The same goes for your Summertime Chi clothing. Swap them out as the seasons change to make room for what you are wearing now. Having a temporary wardrobe that you can keep is the solution to your storage problems. Let Blue Crates be your temporary wardrobe storage option, your extended closet, and your seasonal wardrobe valet.

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