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Small Business Storage Solutions

July 31, 2018

Small Business Storage Solutions

Growing any business is a challenge and with growth often times comes the need to expand your workplace.  this of course is not always an option not is it always best for your business to take on more square footage as it adds to overhead expenses that are not always driving your bottom line. While relocating to a new office or shop may not be within the budget, your growing business still needs space and offsite storage is usually the answer. 

For the longest time, this has meant turning to a traditional self-storage facility, which meant schlepping all of your things to a place offsite and a day of agony in doing so.  A better alternative that is both cost-effective and takes a fraction of your time is the concept of on-demand storage.

Blue Crates is Chicago’s own on-demand self-storage option. Why lug your own things to a dusty storage unit when at the top of the mouse you can have Blue Crates drop by with crates or wardrobes for you to pack? You pack them and we pick them up on your schedule. It is that easy. Just like that, you have decluttered your apartment, unstuffed that closet, or simply gotten those golf clubs from beside your nightstand. On-demand self-storage just like that.

Blue Crates is the perfect option for small business storage solutions that fit any budget.  With plans starting as low as $10 a month with free delivery built into that price, Blue Crates storage makes business storage as simple as a click of a button. 

Blue Crates business storage is great for:

  • Grow your business without paying for expensive floor space and outgoings
  • Tradespeople - store tools and equipment in secure, easily accessible units
  • Relocating workplace
  • Store excess stock or seasonal stock
  • Reduce clutter in the workplace
  • Archiving

For more information check out where you will find several solutions for business storage near you.

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