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Tips for an Easy Summer Move

July 23, 2018

Summer Moving Tips from Blue Crates

Resident Storage Philosopher Bluecrates (Bloo-Kruh-Teez) here with some helpful tips for your upcoming summer move. As most of you are familiar with my older brother Socrates, I too am wise, only my expertise is focused on moving and storage. I have got plenty of tips on the subject even a few sayings, like this peach, “If your favorite little black dress is somewhere shoved deep in your closet and you can’t find it, is it still cute?” Think on that one ladies.

Now to the subject at hand, moving in Chicago. First things first, before you start the wrapping and lifting you will need things to pack your belongings in. For years people have been using cardboard boxes to move their things. They would go down to a store buy a bunch of boxes and spend the rest of their day assembling and taping boxes. Well as my brother Socrates once said, “The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.” In this case the evil would be those cardboard boxes and the good would be using Blue Crates in the place of those flimsy annoying cardboard boxes.

No Cardboard. No Tape. No Hassle. That is our motto. Use Blue Crates for your move instead of a bunch of cardboard boxes that you have to go pick up, construct and tape up. Blue crates allows you the ease of using industrial strength plastic crates and wardrobes for your move instead of using flimsy cardboard boxes that you have to construct and tape up yourself. You do nothing. Blue crates will even drop off your crates and wardrobes for your move to the place you are moving from and pick them up at your new residence free of charge! Now you no longer have to hassle with disposing of all those empty cardboard boxes making this an eco friendly option. Best of all our packages are less expensive than buying those terrible boxes. Check out their prices here at

In addition, if you need help moving, Blue Crates has got you covered on that end too.  Just ask.

Now that we all know that we should be using Blue Crates for your move follow these easy steps to make things a bit easier for your move this summer.

Summer Moving Tips

  • Wrap things in clean clothing and towels to cut down on the cost of packing supplies such as packing paper and bubble wrap
  • Label everyone of your crates
  • Wrap your fragile items one by one
  • Do not leave empty space in crates that are carrying fragile items so that they do not shift during your move
  • Pack small chairs last to give you a place to take a break
  • Utilize shrink wrap to keep things together and protect from scuffs on things like furniture and art
  • Upon arrival at your new place set things aside to go into storage that you just don’t think will work in your new space.
  • Blue Crates is perfect for that last tip. Often times the things we think we need or want in our new home just don’t fit the new space, but that doesn’t mean that we need to throw them away.

That is another benefit of using Blue Crates for your move. The things that you don’t think will fit in your new space can simply be placed in some of your Blue Crates and stored for a low monthly fee of $10.00 (1st Month is Free with any moves package). When Blue Crates comes by to pick up your empty crates they will simply just take those filled crates and store them with no delivery fee. This makes getting your new place organized as easy as can be.

I could go on and on, but I won’t in the interest of time. Congrats on your new place!

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