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More Than Just Crates

December 08, 2020

Blogger, Influencer, homeowner, and mom, Jillian K. Horn's family recently went through the exciting and stressful experience of selling one home, purchasing another, and moving from one into the next. Jillian decided to use Blue Crates for an eco-friendly packing experience. In the process, she found other essential uses for her rented crates and wardrobes while her home was on the market. 

"[Blue Crates] not only offers rental crates and wardrobes (which they deliver and pickup), but they are a great option for storing items while staging your home! In the beginning, I felt like my options were to either spend a ton on containers I wouldn’t use again or risk damage to plates and vases while in cardboard boxes."

Said Jillian, about her Blue Crates experience.

Jillian's use of Blue Crates to stage her home allowed her to create the illusion of space in living areas and closets, assisting it to sell in a timely fashion. Her market success with the use of Blue Crates for home staging backs an important factor that esteemed professional organizer and NAPO member Sarah Parisi has advised is detrimental to selling a home.

As if the crates didn’t serve their purpose enough, Jillian’s mom instincts kicked in when she considered how useful Blue Crate’s long term, on-demand valet storage option would be to store outgrown toys and clothing for future generations. She even basked in the idea of the best part; not having to drag the kids out to a packed storage unit for an inconvenient retrieval! 

Jillian's experience is further proof that Blue Crates is a dream come true for any homeowner looking to sell their home, agents listing a property on behalf of a client, professional organizer, mom, or real estate broker.

Find out how Blue Crates can be of assistance to you and all of your homeowning, selling, and moving needs by emailing 

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