Everything You Need to Know about Self Storage in Chicago

March 01, 2019

Everything You Need to Know about Self Storage in Chicago 

At some point in our lives especially living in Chicago, we will all have a need for some extra storage space not to mention the need for some extra closet space regardless of where you call home. People tend to collect things in order to preserve memories or simply hold onto things that contain sentiment and that makes throwing/giving things away a tough thing to do. As a result, we end up cluttering our homes and closets trying to hold onto thee items. Most of us face this issue and as a result, self-storage facilities have popped up to help combat this issue. We are here to help you find the best Chicago storage solutions for you.

When do I Need Self Storage in Chicago

There are many reasons you might find yourself in a situation where you need a self-storage unit or storage solution in Chicago. Some people use it to declutter their home and others use it to store their belongings when their livable space will not hold everything that they have. Temporary housing is a great reason to use a storage solution as well as when renovating a home or apartment/condo. Putting your things in storage units is also a great way to declutter your home or prepare your home to place on the market.

Is Self Storage a good idea for Seasonal items?

For people living in a climate with 4 seasons having access to storage could be a very useful option when it comes to rotating your closet. Closet space is something that comes at a premium and something that most of us could surely use more of. When you live in a city like Chicago with large temperature swings from one season to the next you likely have a wardrobe that allows you to love in comforts throughout each season. This of course take s up a lot of closet space so a self-storage solution is a perfect way to rotate out your seasonal wardrobe. The best storage solution for this would be to utilize a company that specializes in a valet storage solution like Blue Crates.   

What is On Deman Storage?

On-demand storage (Blue Crates) is a storage solution that allows the user the comfort of not having to do all of the work usually associated with using a self-storage facility like helping your things to and from a facility and having to do a lot of heavy lifting. Another advantage to using a valet on-demand service like Blue Crate is that they will transport your things to and from their climate controlled facility on your schedule. In short, it is Chicago self storage solution the easy way.  

Do I need a climate controlled facility?

This really depends on what you are storing, but the short answer is yes. While you will pay a little less for things to be stored in a facility without climate control you run the risk of damaging your items. Now if you re only storing things where the temperature does not matter that is one thing but most things like clothing, furniture, books, and other typical storage items will suffer when heat and humidity reach levels above 90 degrees for a prolonged period of time. The real culprit can also be humidity in Chicago and without some method of climate control, the humidity is often unchecked leaving your things susceptible to mold and rot. So yes you really should aim to store your things in a climate controlled facility. 

Things to Consider

When looking into a place to store your things there are several things to consider and a few things not to overlook such as:

  • Cost of the unit
  • Contract vs. Non-Contract
  • Climate Control (A MUST)
  • Security
  • Positive reviews
  • Access to your things
  • Lighting
  • The time it takes to store your things 
  • Storage units near me 

We hope this gives you a better understanding of the Chicago self-storage solutions available to you and things to consider when you are looking to declutter or free up some additional space in your home. If you are looking for more information check out our blog for more storage tips and suggestions.

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