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October 22, 2018

Golf Club Storage with Blue Crates

It is approaching the winter months here in Chicago and for most golfers out there our games are on hold until the warmth of spring comes in a few months time. Playing golf in the dead of winter is not really on anyone’s wish list even for the most diehard of golfer.

Golf club storage can be tricky and finding a place to store your golf clubs in the offseason can be an issue. Sure, storing your golf clubs in the trunk of the car works great when you are hitting your local track now and then but if you are not using them form months at a time that just takes up too much space. With the open trunks of many SUV’s on the street today, theft is also a major concern.

Storing your golf clubs in the car can also cause damage as the temperature change and moisture can do damage the bonding agent used to attached the club to the shaft of the club.

Like many people out there storing golf clubs in a their home is an option, but again that takes up a bunch of space and if you are already living in a smaller apartment or shared space this is only exacerbates the problem.

For those of us who love the game and just can’t find a good place to store our golf clubs for the 6 months of the year they are not in use, Blue Crates is the perfect solution. Blue Crates will store your golf clubs in our climate-controlled facility for just $10 a month and deliver them directly to your door as soon as you need them at the touch of a button. This makes it great for golfers that may need their golf clubs for a golf trip to warmer climates during the winter.

Your clubs are kept safe and secure and out of your way until you need them again. This is a solution that saves time and space and for those of us that are used to storing our clubs in places they shouldn’t be, (in the bedroom, next to the couch, the hallway closet) it might save a few relationships or two as well!

To store your clubs with Blue Crates simply visit and have Blue Crates come by and pickup your golf clubs free of charge.

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