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Self Storage Solutions for Suburban Living

August 29, 2018

Self Storage Solutions for Suburban Living

Sure living in the city often means having more space but we all know that when you have more space you tend to have more stuff. We have all seen that over stuffed garage or the basement so packed with boxes you have no idea where things are.

Your garage is meant for your car, it’s not a storage facility! That said, in the past self storage was really something that meant visiting a self storage facility requiring you to go back and forth moving into a unit. This is time consuming and often times very expensive.

With the advent of the storage container came storage that is delivered directly to your door. This is a convenience, but is often times expensive.

There is an alternative for those that live in the suburbs and need some extra space to store a few odds and ends. Blue Crates suburban storage offerings delivers all the storage that you need to store some of the things that you need, but just don’t need right now. Have Blue Crates delivered directly to your door to take back your garage, attic, or basement. Storage plans starting as low as $10 a month!

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