Closet Organization Tips

August 08, 2018

Closet Organization Tips from Bluecrates

Ladies… Is that little black dress still cute if you can’t find it? Think on that for a second while I, Bluecrates [Blue-Kruh-Teez] your philosopher of all things storage and the much younger brother of Socrates, discuss the finer points of organizing and maximizing your closet space.

So is that dress still cute? Well I would say if you can’t find it, it isn’t. Today I am here to discuss and share some wisdom with you on offering you tips for organizing your closet.

Closets are one of those things that no matter how large they are you seem to never have enough of them or enough space in them. Whether you live in a palace or a studio apartment we can all use more closet space.

The Most Important Closet Organization Tip - Blue Crates

If I told you that you could expand your closet space at the touch of a button would you do it? Of course you would and Blue Crates allows for just such magic. With the touch of a button Blue Crates does just that!

Blue Crates Storage

With Blue Crates you can easily store away things in your closet that you just aren’t using right now and then recall them at the touch of a button from your account page. Off-season clothing takes up a lot of space and you aren’t using it for a good six months out of the year. As a result it can make your walk in closet feel like a footlocker. To combat this feeling, simply visit to setup your account and they will bring you eco-friendly crates and wardrobes directly to your door on your schedule. You never have to leave the house and best of all with their digital catalog you can keep track of everything you have in storage. When the season’s change recall, your belongings at the touch of a button and within 24hrs blue Crates will deliver your requested items free of charge.

Check out Blue Crates in action here:

Below are a few other handy tips on top of using Blue Crates that help me manage and organize my closet space.

Closet Organizers

There are plenty of closet organizers that you can use to maximize your space. Pick a uniformed one and place them in places where you can easily access them. Make sure that if you are going to use a closet organizer that you utilize them with items that you use often, if not they may only add to your clutter.

Use the Same Size Hanger

Using the same hanger throughout your closet allows your clothes to uniformly hang on the rod. This helps when retrieving and replacing items.

Stager your Shoes

Utilizing a heel toe configuration maximizes space and may even allow you to fit a few more pairs in your closet.

Categorize your Items

By placing items that are alike you will find it easier to find things.

Utilize Sections

For those items that you know you will use on an everyday basis make sure those items are easy to access and at eye level. For Items that you may not use that often place those items higher up in your closet.

Raise the Bar

Raising your closet bar is a simple solution to gaining a little more space to utilize. Depending on how tall you are you may be able to reclaim an extra two feet of vertical space by doing so.

Categorize by Season

Depending on your climate there is a likelihood that that woolen skirt or down jacket is not in season during the summer months. As a result it is taking up a lot of space. By categorizing your items by season you can easily offsite them utilizing an on demand storage provider like Blue Crates.

So to answer the question on that little back dress…of course it is, you just have to find it, and with these simple closet organization tips you most certainly will.

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