Dealing with Clutter in the Time of Quarantine

April 03, 2020

We here at Blue Crates hope all of our community members are doing well during this trying time. We wanted to bring you some helpful information about how to effectively spend some of your time in quarantine decluttering and reorganizing your home. 

Let’s face it, clutter accumulates in our home because we are too busy to keep up with it. Before we know it, there are years worth of receipts in a shoebox, a cupboard full of textbooks that haven't been picked up in ages and an overflowing storage closet. As urban dwellers in small spaces, we often learn to live with clutter. We learn to ignore the benefits of which free space could bring to our homes, hearts, and minds. This quarantine period is the perfect opportunity to take on those decluttering projects! 

Start with one small project at a time and build from there. 

Most, if not all of us, probably have a few things sitting around that we would rather have elsewhere. Time goes by and things we once tucked away because permanent fixtures that shouldn’t be. Now is a great time to take stock of these items and begin the task of repurposing that space. Imagine having that extra free space to keep more priority items instead! 

Plan for only thirty minutes, one room or 2-4 small declutter projects per day.

Oftentimes when we want to attempt to “make a day of it”, we lose sight of the big picture. It is easy to burn out on one full day's worth of decluttering and organization projects, leaving other projects behind and possibly later forgotten. When we “make a week of it” instead, we can more realistically declutter the whole living space. This technique also allows us time to strategize our storage and move things around as we gain new space. Added Bonus: We have extra time every day for all of the other quarantine projects we have decided to take on! 

Get your children involved.

We know, so many of you out there are like, “Does Blue Crates realize my kids are at home right now too?!” It might not be as difficult as you think to get your children involved in their own decluttering projects. Make it fun, perhaps a contest or game with a prize at the end in exchange for challenge tasks. Some examples of tasks you can assign are organizing art supplies, going through clothing to pick out the things that no longer fit, or going through their older toys and choosing an agreed-upon number of items in which they need to choose to eliminate. While they are busy with their tasks, you can focus on yours. Everyone declutters and everyone wins! 

Utilize the “One Year Rule” but also be realistic about it. 

A popular declutter rule, “If you haven’t used it or worn it in over a year, you won’t miss it”. However, this process of letting go can be easier said than done. “But...I might still use that”, can ring fondly in our ears when we are trying to part with the things we don't have consistent use for. It is common for many of us to need so many things while being confined to our small, urban living spaces. 

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