Blue Crates Storage

Blue Crates Self Storage Chicago

August 23, 2018

Change the way you look at self-storage Chicago !

Finding self-storage in Chicago near you can be a real pain so in the age of the on demand revolution, why not have storage delivered directly to your door?

Self-storage has always been a dirty job. A job set aside for an entire day or your entire weekend. As the world changes the way we do everyday task like shop for groceries, hail a cab, or even order take out, why should storage remain in the dark ages? It doesn’t have to be that way Chicago.

Self-storage in Chicago has also gone the convenient route, offering customers an easy way to de-clutter their closets, homes, and garages without having to do much of anything but place their items into blue crates. makes it easy for Chicago to solve those self-storage woes. All you have to do when you are looking for more room in your place is order up Blue Crates.

Blue crates will deliver crates or wardrobes to your door on your schedule. They will even arrange the pick up of oversized items like your artificial Christmas Tree to store in their facility.

It is that easy. Blue Crates drops off, you pack, and Blue Crates picks up your belongings. When you need your things back, just schedule a delivery and you will have your things back in 24 hours.

Don’t spend your days at self-storage Chicago. Let Blue Crates handle all of the dirty work, and step into the future of self-storage in Chicago.

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