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Stories from the Self-Storage Crypt

October 16, 2020

So many things about self-storage units are off-putting. One thing that sticks out most during Halloween season is how visits to self-storage units can feel creepy for no apparent reason. Or maybe there is something more to what makes a self-storage unit feel so creepy?

Check out these self-storage horror stories, and decide for yourself:

1. RATS! Yes, rats. Known as an invasive species, why wouldn’t they love to invade your self-storage unit? Rats gaining access to your storage before you do in storage units is far from impossible. Rats don't stand a chance of making a home out of your stored items when you store them securely, in crates, and in a regularly monitored facility

2. One family decided a self-storage unit was a great place to store their grandmother’s coffin...with deceased grandma inside! What? Why? We don’t know. All we do know is that Blue Crates certainly does not accept storage deliveries of occupied coffins. Sorry!

3. A sheriff's lieutenant stored crime scene evidence linked to the murder of a 17-year old girl. If that doesn’t chill your bones to the core perhaps the story of the medical examiner that stored body parts in a storage unit will. Who can anyone trust to be their storage unit next-door neighbor if not these “professionals”?

4. Don’t think a burglar can get into your self-storage unit? Wrong! Here is the story of a burglar getting locked in the storage unit that he was burglarizing. Imagine opening up your unit to find a criminal inside or your belongings burglarized. Both terrifying!

5. No, it is not an episode of Breaking Bad, but a real-life story of a meth lab set up in a storage unit. In shock? Well, there is more than one instance of this in the United States, making it a more common occurrence than responsible self-storage users would like. There is even a case of an abandoned storage unit being auctioned off to reveal meth lab supplies and toxic chemicals

6. The tale of the vanishing furniture. Okay, maybe this story about poorly stored and rotted furniture isn't as chilling as it sounds. But mold is scary and so is losing your valuables that were stored away for safety. This is a prime example of what can happen if your self-storage unit isn’t monitored daily for proper climate control, as the Blue Crates storage facility is.

Creeped out by self-storage units yet? Fear not. Blue Crates is a safe alternative, offering a secure storage facility where all storage is monitored daily. The best part is no visits to the self-storage unit, unsure of what unpleasant surprises might be lurking about. Blue Crates always delivers your storage to you, when you need it.

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