Extra Closet Space for Mom

May 03, 2019

Happy Mother’s Day from Blue Crates

Now that spring is here it is officially time to thank Mom for all that she does. There are plenty of things that you can do to show her how much you care, but one of our favorites is giving your mom all of the closet space that she ever wanted.  

No, we are not talking about retrofitting her closet with an extravagant closet redo that would require a construction crew and thousands of dollars. We here at Blue Crates believe that you can achieve some of those same goals by gifting your mom a few wardrobes from Blue Crates.

Let Blue Crates drop off our eco-friendly wardrobes for mom to hang her winter clothes and jackets in to free up some space in her closet for her spring and summer wares. It is so easy. Blue Crates will drop off the wardrobes directly to her door for her to pack with the items she would like to keep in her Blue Crates closet. When she is ready Blue Crates will come by and pick them up and store them in a climate controlled facility until she wants them again. Wardrobe storage made easy! 

Best of all she has access to a digital catalog to make the recall of her stored clothing items as easy as a click of a button. As a gift to you and your mom, Blue Crates is offering a $50 gift certificate good for use on Just enter code MOM19BC for $50 off your order.  

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Blue Crates!

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