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Halloween Decoration Storage

October 31, 2018

Halloween Decoration Storage Tip

The ghosts and goblins have gone back to their resting place and the pumpkins are starting to droop. Halloween is over and while this may mean candy filled snacking and the possible party hangover it also means it is time to put away your decorations until next year.

So you decided to turn your house into a haunted house this year. You have giant spiders crawling down the side of your house, mummies on the porch, witches flying over head, and a few coffins here and the for good measure. If this sounds familiar then November 1st may not be your favorite day.

For many of us the task of taking down and storing all of our decorations is daunting. Stuffing mummies and giant spiders where they defiantly do not belong like under your bed or in your hallway closet is not the best way to tackle this task. Don’t worry there are other ways to tackle the problem of storing your Halloween decorations this year.

Blue Crates is the perfect solution to all of your Halloween decoration storage needs. Blue Crates will drop of crates for you to pack all of your costumes, cauldrons, lights, spiders, and anything else you chose to spook the neighborhood. Worried that your witches broom won’t fit in a crate? Don’t’ worry we take oversized items like brooms and giant spiders too.

Take pictures of your items if you’d like and Blue Crates will store them in your digital catalog so that you can recall exactly what you need when you need it. Recalling your crates is as simple as a touch of a button. To schedule your crate delivery, please visit and send those mummies packing until next year.

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