Seasonal Wardrobe Storage with Signed Blake

June 18, 2020

Seasonal Wardrobe Storage with Signed Blake

Closet space is something that we can all use a little more of. Living in the city only compounds this fact, so taking advantage of ways to optimize closet space is key. Of course, there are the age-old options of consolidating your wardrobe and purging to make room for your daily wares, but if you are like most of us we don’t always find joy in throwing everything away.

Local influencer and all-around fashionista Signed Blake has been a Blue Crates user for years and utilizes the service to optimize the space in her closet fit for a queen. No need for her to stuff all of her garments into her closet at once or send pieces she loves to consignment to make room for more.  

"I’ve gotten really creative over the years and being super organized and a neat freak helps, but there’s still not enough room for everything—especially clothes. One solution that I’ve been using for the past few years is only keeping one or two seasons worth of clothes in my closet at a time. The rest I send off to be stored with Blue Crates."

- Blake

Blue Crates allows her to continue to build upon her wardrobe without the constraints of the four walls that make up her closet. Blue Crates has been a great tool, allowing her to swap out her seasonal wardrobe without the hassle of having to do anything.

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Blue Crates facility is monitored 24 hours a day and climate-controlled to ensure her garments are kept safe and clean until she needs them again. 

For a better insight into how Blake uses Blue Crates to stay on top of her fashion game take a look at her video here!

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