Holiday Hacks to help you Through the Season

November 25, 2018

Holiday Hacks to help you Through the Season

Black Friday has past and the tryptophan induced naps are well underway. This can only mean one thing, the holiday season is here. While you are busy decorating for this special time of year here are a few helpful tips on getting through the season with ease. 

Unpack your Decorations with Packing them again in Mind  

Ever wonder how that big ball of holiday lights got so tangled in the first place? Most likely it wasn’t secret elves making a mess till next year, it likely is the result of not properly packing your items once the season is over. This season try taking stock of your items when unpacking them can help you organize things when it is time to pack them away again. If your items are jammed into old torn boxes try upgrading to storage crates that give you plenty of room to pack. 

Prepare Your Tree for Removal

For those of us that just can’t live without a live tree we understand that needles can/are a big problem when you elect to having a live tree. To minimize having pine needles all over the place when you try to pack up and move your tree out of your home for disposal try prepping your tree for removal when you put it up. Simply try a tree disposal bag. Place the trunk of your tree around a tree bag or mattress bag if you can’t find one. You can hide it under the tree skirt and when it is time to remove your tree all you have to du is pull the bar up over the branches making removal simple and clean. 

You can find a bag here

Make your Home Smell like the holidays 

To ratchet up the holiday spirit boil some cinnamon and cloves in a cup of water. This will have your home smelling like the North Pole in no time and is a simple way to make a big impact on your festivities.

Hide Packages in Blue Crates

Blue Crates are a great way to stay organized during the holidays. Blue Crates are perfect to store things over the 11 months out of the year that you are not celebrating the holidays. Simply pack your things away and have Blue Crates come by and pick them up to store them away. Best of all you can keep track of all of your things with Blue Crate’s digital catalog making recall a cinch. As an added benefit Blue Crates is also a great way to hide a few packages away before the gift giving begins with the free swap feature.

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