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Who Gets the Closet Space When You Move In Together?

February 15, 2019

Who Gets the Closet Space When You Move In Together?

Valentine’s day was just a few days ago and it got us thinking about why Blue Crates was created in the first place. A few years back while our co-founders Matt and Mike were living with their girlfriends at the time in their respective one bedroom apartments the need for closet space was a real concern. The idea was simple, to provide crates and wardrobes for people to pack on their own time and pick them up to store in a facility until they where recalled. Blue Crates was born and the practice of schlepping back and forth to a traditional storage facility was over!

Like Matt and Mike, living in the city with your significant other, closet space can be a highly contested commodity. Blue Crates makes that conversation a lot easier for everyone. It is a simple service that allows everyone to have an organized closet space they need without taking away from one another’s space.

Another great way to get through a lack of closet space is sitting down together and going through things that you may want to move on from and donate. Like much of the nation, we too, have been swept up in finding joy. Tidying Up on Netflix with Mari Kondo seems to have us all thinking about sparking joy and how we live when it comes to our spaces.

The KonMari method founded by Marie Kondo is another great way to take back your space and what better time to try it out when you move in with someone. You can find more information about her teachings here.   

So for all of you feeling like it is time to take that next step in your relationship and move in with each other give Blue Crates with a twist of Marie Kondo a try to extend your closet and keep things on the up with your spouse. Blue Crates allowed the bothers to have what they needed around while letting them keep the things they didn’t need right now offsite and you can too. As a Valentine’s Day, gift use code LOVEBLUE for $20 off on your next order.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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