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Avoiding Year-Round Holiday Clutter

December 28, 2020

Decorating and gifting are some of the most common joys of the holiday season. However, the clutter and chaos it can leave behind can be overwhelming.

Artificial Christmas trees, a growing collection of ornaments, this year's new collection of lights, and various life-sized lawn decorations can leave homes feeling cluttered, year-round. Additionally, retrieving these items on an annual basis from an attic, storage basement, or storage unit can be grueling, taking away some of the season's splendor.

Another post-holiday clutter contributor for those with children is the desire to hold onto outgrown toys and clothing, even after receiving a year's worth of new ones. The child tends to believe they will revisit the items at some point, while the parent likely considers what items might bring the same happiness to future family members. 

With the option to store oversized items such as Christmas trees and lawn decorations, Blue Crates lends a convenient modern-day solution for a traditional holiday dilemma. To make life after the holidays even more convenient, Blue Crates also offers crates and wardrobes for simple storage of smaller decorations and those outgrown children's wares. All oversized items, crates, and wardrobes are each attached to a serial number and can be conveniently cataloged online with photos and descriptions to reflect eras worth of childhood memories and holiday decorations. This system makes retrieval of storage easy, eliminating the dampers of the holiday season.

Why suffer from another year of household clutter for weeks worth of decorating? Let Blue Crates know what you need to store after this holiday season. We will come right out with crates to be filled then pick it all up to store off-site until next year!

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