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Storage and Organization Tips for Transitioning from Summer to Fall

October 17, 2018

Storage and Organization Tips for Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Well, it’s true and it looks to be official. The carefree days of summer are behind us, and its time to break out those comfy sweaters and cozy up next to a nice fire as we usher in the fall. Temps are cooling, you’ve unpacked from your summer vacation and your apartment is now packed with the remnants of summer’s past. So what to do now that fall is here? Here are a few tips to help you tackle storing your summer items. Now is the perfect time to find a place to put all of our summer clothes and equipment so cozy nights by the fire are not cluttered with the trappings of summer.

Swap out your Wardrobe

Half of your wardrobe is made up of summer clothes that you can no longer wear now that temperatures have cooled off. To affectively deal with this fact, it is a great idea to swap your closet out by removing clothes that you cannot wear with those you can. To do so utilize Blue Crates on demand storage to easily store your summer wardrobe for the next few months. Blue Crates makes it easy to swap each season with deliveries included in the price of service. This is a great service for seasonal items outside of your wardrobe like sporting equipment (Bikes and Golf Clubs) as well.

Triage Your Closet

Store items that you may not be using until next season higher up so that you can access easy to get to places for clothing and items that you will use often.

Take Stock of your Items

Any transition is a great time to take stock of your things and determine what you still want to keep and what you are ok letting go of. This is a great excuse to replace worn items with new ones and a perfect opportunity to refresh your space by letting go of things that may only have value as adding clutter to your home.

The fall is a wonderful season and these simple steps will help you transition your home or apartment into a cozy place to spend nights by the fireplace in your cozy sweater. 

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