Storage Options for Small Homes and Apartments

October 08, 2018

Storage Ideas for Small Homes and Apartments

We all have things that we like and love. They are the things that make us unique as individuals. A collection here, a wardrobe there, they are the things that make us who we are and as we go though life we often times rack up a bunch of stuff. With this often comes the issue of space especially for those of us living in apartments or smaller homes with little on sight storage options.

Having enough space for all the things that make up your life is not always easy but here are a list of storage ideas available to us to help us when it comes to stashing away our collections, wardrobes, equipment, and alike in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Utilize Dead Space

When drawers and closets become overstuff don’t forget about utilizing areas of your home that are out of sight, but could be used to store things away. Obvious places are under your bed or couch. These are wonderful places to store thing like linens that you use often that may take up a lot of drawer space laving more room for other things like clothes in your dresser.

Dual Purpose Furniture

When shopping for furniture, consider options with storage in mind. Many furniture makers are now offering solutions with built in storage compartments such as beds with drawers built into the frame or coffee tables that double as storage lockers.

Getting creative with your furniture pieces can also be a great way to enhance the character of your home and add functionality in the form of storage. Rustic lockers look great in a bedroom or hallway for instance and provide a nice conversation piece all while adding extra space.

Maximize Storage that you Have Already

Closets with a single bar work but they are by no means optimized for full utilization. Adding a second bar by positioning the already installed bar can double your hangable space. Closet organization systems are another great way to maximize your closet space without having to build a new closet all together.

Third Party Storage

Use a third party storage provider to maximize your livable space. Using an on demand storage provider like Blue Crates is an affordable storage option for apartments and small homes. Blue Crates allows users to store items away without the hassle of visiting a traditional self storage unit. Perfect for out of season clothing or things that are simply taking up too much space around your home. The digital catalog is great too so you know exactly what you have in your crates. Blue Crates allows you to extend your closet at the touch of a button.

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