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Easy Toy Storage with Blue Crates

July 26, 2018

Affordable Easy Toy Storage

Your Family's Growing, Your Apartment...Not So Much.

So you got through the terrible two’s and that twinkle in your eye is just so cute you know you have to have another one. Just because kid number one has grown out of their toys and other baby gear, doesn’t mean you have to throw them away or donate them. For one, they have sentimental value and since child number two will be arriving shortly, I am sure they will love the hand me downs.

But how do you keep your living room from looking like the playroom at Kinder Care or the stock room at Land of Nod? Blue Crates is your answer. Blue Crates is your toy storage solution. Blue Crates will drop of crates for you to store these precious keepsakes until your next bundle of joy is ready for those toys and big sister’s/brother’s hand me downs.

Using a self storage unit that is often times in a far off place, expensive, and way too big for the purpose of toy storage and baby gear keepsakes is a hassle. Blue Crates is the perfect alternative to a self storage unit here in Chicago. Let Blue Crates handle your toy storage and keepsake needs all from the convenience of your own home.

Not only is Blue Crates a great way to store your kids toys, it is also a great way for you to store toys from your own childhood like that Nintendo Entertainment System, Voltron Force action figure, or your Easy Bake Oven you still wish you could use if only you could find that light. Blue Crates is an excellent toy storage solution for your kids’ things and yours.

Take back your living room and your drawer space parents of Chicago with Blue Crates on demand storage.

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