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Daylight Savings Time Equals Moving Season in Chicago

March 08, 2019

Daylight Savings Time Equals Moving Season in Chicago

Waking up in the morning and feeling like you are an early riser of late? Yeah me too, but don’t get too excited for all you alarm snoozers out there, daylight savings is a few days away so remember to set your clocks forward an hour. 

This also just another reminder that spring is just around the corner, and with spring as often does, we start having feelings of rejuvenation and growth. Its almost like a second New Year’s resolution and it often takes the form of cleaning up or doing away with the things that we feel are holding us back.

This may be the reason that spring marks the beginning of the moving season in Chicago as we all look for new spaces and fresh surroundings in the form of a new apartment or home.

Moving is not exactly a walk in the park, in fact, I think most would agree that it is a situation that we would all avoid if we could. Dealing with all of the cardboard boxes can be a fulltime gig and having to deal with them is a pain in itself. It reminds me of this clip from Jerry Sienfield talking about boxes. He is right on.

Not only is sourcing cardboard boxes a pain, but it is also a pain to deal with them, they aren't great for your fragile items because they are fragile themselves, and they are the worst thing ever for the environment.

The first two reasons are obvious for any of us that have had to move using cardboard boxes, but the last reason is something that a lot of us overlook. The damage that all of the cardboard boxes cause to the environment is a real concern and one that many did not know that they could avoid.    

There is a better solution out there than dealing with cardboard boxes. Services like Blue Crates eliminate the hassle of sourcing boxes and provide an eco-friendly alternative for your next move. They are made out of reusable recycled plastic and best of all they are delivered directly to your door.

So in the spirit of spring let Blue Crates help you with your rejuvenation all while helping Mother Earth with hers.

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