Showing Gratitude Through a Minimal Lifestyle

December 07, 2018

Showing Gratitude Through a Minimal Lifestyle

While the holiday season may be rooted in being kind and showing thanks for the year gone by it is often easy for us to forget the REAL reason for the season. With Black Friday deals abound and the malls packed to the gates with holiday shoppers it is too easy to get caught up in consumerism.

Keeping Up

“Keeping up with the Joneses” is a real thing and in this day and age of social media it can be something that is hard to escape. To help stay grounded and avoid some of the inevitable pitfalls of the season try taking stock on what really matters. One way to accomplish this is to stick to a few minimalist principles.  

Don’t let more get in the way of Good Enough for You

It is very easy to get sucked into the consumerism of the season, but remember that what you have is most likely good enough. Don’t let what others are doing affect your lifestyle, but rather think about what you need in your life without the influence of what everyone else is doing.

Appreciate What you Have 

Sticking to a minimalist lifestyle may make you appreciate the things that you have a bit more. When you are not searching f0r the next things you can appreciate the things you have a little more. Often times when we have a bunch of a few things it is hard to really place value on them. Cherish the things that you have and you do have and you may not want so much for more and more.

Classic Minimalist Tip (Use Blue Crates)

Living a minimalist lifestyle does not mean that you need to get rid of everything. Try taking stock of your things and for the things that you need right now. The things you think you only KIND OF love are things that you do not need to hold onto and clutter up your home. When you cannot part with these items that is fine as well. Blue Crates is a perfect option for things that you love but just do not have space for or things that you just simply cannot part with.

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