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10 Space Saving Hacks That Take Less Than an Hour

November 01, 2018

One hour can make a huge difference in your daily routine. The days are getting shorter as we get ready to adjust our clocks for dreaded daylight savings time. This only means one thing, fall has arrived and winter. Is. coming. We can’t give you your hour of sleep back but we can help you achieve a nice cozy home to spend the fall and winter month.

Here are ten space saving hacks that’ll kind of make up for the worst holiday ever - daylight savings time. 

1. Utilize All Available Space

Sometimes we have to get creative with our space to make sure we are maximizing every inch. To do so do not neglect areas of a room that you can use to store things that are out of sight to the main view of the room. For instance the back of a door is a great place to utilize a hangable shoe caddy. It is out of the way most of the time and allows you to store a good deal of shoes in a very organized fashion. Best of all there are plenty of affordable options out there that can be put up in a matter of minutes.

2. Put Things Where They Belong

The simple measure of putting things back from where you found them seems like an old saying your teacher used to nag you about in 1st grade but the saying rings true. Odds are the last time you cleaned your space you put things in the best place to get them out of the way and organize your space. Simply putting them back in those same places saves time and is an easy way to stretch having to re-organize your home often.

3. Assign Usage Levels for the things You Keep and Use

In short, we all have things that we use in varying degrees. We may have some clothes in our closets that we never really wear but do not want to toss to the curb. When this is the case, store items like this in places that are out of sight so that you have more room for the things in heavy rotation.

4. Invest in Closet Organization System

This may take more than an hour to plan and setup, but once in place a system like The Container Store’s Elfa line can save you time and a lot of hassle by maximizing your closet space. This is a wonderful solution at an affordable price point that allows you to pick and choose what works best for you.

5. Use the Same Style of Hanger

Using the same hanger style in your closet allows your clothes to seamlessly fit on the rack in harmony. Think of a puzzle peace that just fits rather than trying to stick a square peg into a round hole. This is a quick and easy way to make room for a few more garments in your closet.

6. Pants on Pants

To save space try hanging one pair of pants on top of the other. Your hangers won’t break a sweat and you instantly gain more closet space. Taking one pair off to access the other isn’t going to start your day off on the wrong foot and the upside is so worth it. Give it a try!

7. Double Bar in your Closet

Depending on how tall you are, odds are that there is room for another bar in your closet. Simply raise the original bar up a few feet and place another bar underneath (about 4ft separation). This gives you enough room to hang items like shirts and pants on the bottom rack without your clothes dragging on the floor all while retaining the additional space from the raised bar above.

 8. Store Under Furniture

Storing things under the bed or couch is a great way to optimize your space especially for things that you may not use everyday. Items such linens and towels are perfect candidates for storing under the bed. They take up a lot of drawer space other wise and with a simple under the bed box you can store them dust free until you need them. Best of all they are stored right at the source. 

9. Don’t Neglect your Drawers

Drawers, like closets can be optimized as well to help keep your things nice and tidy. Separating items within your drawers with simple dividers can make finding things much easier.

10. Let Blue Crates Store Everything

Still don’t think you have enough room for everything? Not to worry. Blue Crates is the perfect solution.

Let Blue Crates store the stuff that you want to keep but just don’t have room for. Blue Crates is the perfect solution for your offseason clothes, Bike, Golf Clubs, Luggage, and anything else you would like to see somewhere else.

 Schedule a pickup and pack your things. Blue Crates will pick up everything and bring it to our secure climate controlled facility for safe keeping until you need it again.

Recall is as easy as the touch of a button and storage rates start as low as $10 a month. This is how you do self storage Chicago, bring your self storage unit to you.

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