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Moving Tips for Newlyweds

October 12, 2018

Moving Tips for Newlyweds

Moving can be a real pain in the you know what and for those of us looking to move in with our significant other there are a few things to consider to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Here are a few tips that make the transition from living on your own to living with your partner.

Moving Tips for Newlyweds

Your Partner Most likely will Not Appreciate your Clutter

What you did in the confines of your own apartment may not fly when you come together as a unit in your shared space. Nobody likes having to deal with someone else’s mess and your clutter is no different. To avoid bringing your clutter with you, try to plan ahead by downsizing some of your items before you move in.

Once you have moved in make sure to work with each other on planning spaces where you can both stash your hobbies, collections, equipment, clothing, etc… in a manner that will not impede on each other’s space. Storage space is critical when thinking about this so see what your options are for onsite storage as well as finding a storage provider that can help you store your things.

Your Space is No longer your Own

This is the biggest actor to consider when moving in with your partner after a major life event like getting married. What you did in your own space may not be an option anymore now that you are sharing space with your partner. You are no longer the head of the household so compromises are most likely in order. Things that you decided in your own place like decoration, cleanliness, and even things like temperature are things that will now need to be agreed upon by you both. Remember that this YOUR place together and your space should reflect that.

You May Not Have an Equal Amount of Stuff

Now that you are moving in together you may not have an equal amount of stuff. Maybe your partner is a bit more fashion conscious than you and thus has more clothes. This may mean they will need more closet/drawer space than you do. This doesn’t mean that your clothes are destined for the corner bottom drawer, but you will need to work together in finding a solution that works best for you both.

Finding ways to maximize your closet space are key to ensuring that you both have all the space you need for your clothes and things.

Building Together

Of course with any relationship, compromises will be made, but at the end of the day, remember that you get come home to your best friend and partner at the end of each day. The compromises that you are making may seem like compromises at first, but in the end you will find yourself in the middle of building a home together and that is the most fun part of all.

Good luck you two!

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