New Beginnings Begin with Blue Crates

August 04, 2020
For Dani of the dynamic best-friend-duo Once Upon A Dollhouse, Blue Crates was the perfect solution for organizing her things and finding comfort during the mandated timeout we all find ourselves in.  As COVID changes the way we think of our space, Blue Crates can help! 

“It all began during the shelter in place orders, I was craving some serious space in my West Loop apartment. It became clear that Blue Crates was the best option to help me out.“
-Dani Doll

Like many of us, shelter in place has changed our day to day plans and forced us to make changes.  For Dani, this ushered in some changes that required the need for a storage solution that would allow her more flexibility in her lifestyle.

As a result, Dani turned to Blue Crates storage solutions as she used this time to travel, stay with local loved ones, and find out what's next. With her things stored safely with Blue Crates, Dani can take all the time she needs to transition into the next chapter of her life.

Hear Dani's full story on the latest episode of Doll Talk Podcast, with special guest Mike, co-founder of Blue Crates!
Cheers to new beginnings, Dani and Once Upon A Dollhouse!

Use code Doll1free for your first month of storage FREE!

Blue Crates has options for almost any scenario related to organization, moving, and storage, even when life takes a turn. Change your plans or make completely new ones, Blue Crates will store for you while you figure the rest out. 

Watch the Dollhouse Dolls explain how convenient Blue Crates wardrobes are by watching their demonstration video here.

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