Blue Crates Storage

No Closet Too Big with Helen Berkun

September 24, 2020

Blue Crates was recently lucky enough to have Helen Berkun try out our on-demand valet storage option. 

Even with a closet the size of a bedroom, Helen was able to find Blue Crates to be a useful and convenient storage option. As a photographer, influencer, blogger, fashionista, and fashion designer, she decided to use Blue Crates for archival purposes and to make room for even more clothes and shoes! Take a look inside her fabulous closet and into her Blue Crates experience by watching her video, No Closet Too Big.

Thank you, Helen, for reminding the world that no closet is too spacious to be excluded from the many conveniences that Blue Crates has to offer. 

What would you do with the extra space in your home or closet? Now is the time to find out! We are offering one month of free storage on new orders, courtesy of Helen Berkun. Use checkout code HELEN1FREE upon checkout.

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