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Dealing with Sentimental Items and How to Store Them

October 15, 2018

Dealing with Sentimental Items and How to Store Them

As time goes by we accumulate things and some of these things like old baby clothes, trophies from your youth, or other knickknack’s from times past hold sentimental value to us and are things that we would never consider getting rid of.

That said, while we want to keep all of these things on hand and store them in our homes, there comes a point in time where that becomes difficult due to a lack of storage space.

We already know that you have considered storing these items in places under your bed or in boxes here and there scattered throughout your home, but here are a list of ways to retain your sentimental items and save space in your home.

Pare Down Items You Can Part With

Keeping everything may not be an option so go through things and see if you are willing to part with a few things. Pare down a few items to make room for other things. For example if you are holding onto trophies from little league, hold onto the ones that mean the most like that championship won and do away with some of your collections less momentous reminders.

Donate Things You Cannot Use

Sometimes we keep things for reasons at the time that no longer apply in the present. Take a closer look at your things and determine if you still want to hold onto them. When you have determined that you just no longer have a use for things here are some helpful solutions to donate your things:

  • Ebay
    • Posting items on ebay is a great way to pare down your things and possibly put a little cash in your wallet. Take a look at this easy guide for more tips.
  • Goodwill & Salvation Army
    • Dropping off items to your local Goodwill branch is a great way to help declutter your space along with helping others in need. Salvation Army also offers a pickup service.

Gift Items

You may find that some of the things you are holding onto may make a great gift for someone else. Gifts that are passed onto a friend or family member that have sentimental meaning to you can make the perfect gift and add some extra thought to the gift as well. This is a great way to show your appreciation and an excellent way for your valued items to extend their useful/relevant life.

Store Them with Blue Crates

More often than not we just do not want to get rid of our sentimental things and that is ok. There are options out there for you to hang onto everything without having to clutter your home to do so. The obvious answer would be to utilize Blue Crates.  Blue Crates allows you to hold onto al of your things while they are stored offsite. The great thing here is that with Blue Crate’s digital catalog you can take a look at your items anytime and recall them at the touch of a button.

Check out how easy it is here.

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